XT9 new mobile interface builds on T9 text input software

Mobile phones

Tegic Communications has announced the availability of a new mobile interface, XT9, based on the existing T9 mobile text input system available on many mobile phones and other devices.

XT9 Mobile Interface integrates the popular T9 text input software with handwriting recognition capabilities using a stylus.

XT9 has additional features that make it simple to type words and phrases, as well as enjoying popular content and wireless services:

* Next letter prediction: when entering letters by scrolling through an alphabet (up-and-down or side-to-side), XT9 predicts the user’s next letter based on previous letters entered.

* Error correction: For users of hard QWERTY keyboards, XT9 helps ensure a better messaging experience by compensating for users tapping incorrect keys on the keyboard.

XT9 is currently available on Samsung’s’ SGH-i320.


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Andy Merrett
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