O2 X2i

Mobile phones

More nice and simple phones from 02. This time it’s a new
addition to the exclusive O2 X-range and sports a clamshell design. There’s
nothing groundbreaking here: Bluetooth, 65k colour screen, polyphonic ringtones,
VGA phone camera, etc. Thankfully this economy on gadgets is reflected in the
price; £80 on pre-pay or free on a contract which isn’t bad. The other benefit
to opting for a feature thin mobile is the boost in battery power. The X2i
should yield enough charge for a decent 237 hours standby time which is well
over a week, or 5 hours talk time. And if you’re getting one for your kid then
the new T9 dictionary will predict all the latest in text slang, including “l8r”, to help
impair their literacy.

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  • Thanks for this info. now i know what telephone to buy. I really liked this one!!! Thanks!

  • My friend gave me her old 02 Xi phone last week and I then heard that they were replacing this phone as it had a fault and replacing with a new O2 X2i mobile phone. I sent off the old phone and got the new one yesterday. As my original phone is on the Orange Network, I put in my sim card and then put in my original code number and it accepted that, but it then said (asked for) Network code? Have you any idea what the network code is for Orange please, even though I am using an o2 phone and it has accepted my Orange sim card and code? It must be about 5 or 6 digits in length. It is not the PUK code, because I have already put that in and it accepted it. Can you please help, I am so close to getting this phone working.

    Thank you

  • I am wondering if they have a similar one that works with VOIP . We are looking for a good one to sell in our web site.

    Please let us know .



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