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Apple’s defining MP3 players, despite their incredibly good
reputation, have long suffered from shortened battery lives but even so, early generation iPods are probably getting beyond what
could normally be considered the life expectancy of a rechargeable battery. That doesn’t mean that there
is anything wrong with the rest of your hard-worn iPod, or that you have the cash to fork
up for a fancy new video edition so Sonnet has launched a new range of battery
replacements for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
iPod photo and iPod minis. Whilst this might give you as much as a 75% increase
in performance on an older model, it’s not like replacing the TV remote’s
battery; you’ll have to venture deep inside the workings of your device.
Fortunately Sonnet also supplies a neat pack of tools and instructional videos
so that you can reduce the risk of killing your iPod during surgery. 1st
and 2nd gen iPod battery replacements cost £23.99, 3rd and 4th
replacements cost £19.99; they are available now from Sonnet’s website.

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