More details of Eclipse's TD510 speakers

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already brought you some details of the TD510 egg-shaped speaker set and now Eclipse
has released a few more details including a price tag. So for a cool £1200 you
can pick up the successors to the well received Time Domain 512 and 508 models
that are reportedly used by Brian Eno and John Williams as well as London
‘s Royal Academy of
Music. There have
been a few important tweaks made to the earlier design by
upgrading materials and magnet technology to yield a 10% increase in impulse response,
2dB increase in efficiency and so on. But that’s not something you are likely
to hear unless you happen to have an earlier model hooked up beside them. It’s
probably suffice to say for the large financial outlay you get fantastically
clear sound thanks to the direct benefit of the jet engine shape as well as a special
mineral-loaded resin cabinet to ensure that the case has no inhibiting effect
on the sound quality. They also use a single full-range drive unit to maximise time,
phase and impulse characteristics and are available now in black, white or silver.

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One thought on “More details of Eclipse's TD510 speakers

  • I do not doubt that these speakers have some of the best audio sound around, but thats a lot of cash (£1,200), but those who have the money will be getting the best.

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