Design e GT3 series speakers

Home audio

If you ever get tired of the rectangular monstrosities that most speakers seem to reside in, then Design e is a worth a look. Its policy is to avoid the “MDF Box” speaker style in its efforts to produce premium audio products and has just revealed the GT3 series. Many types of high-end speaker come in weird shapes and size but I think Design e should get credit for the abstract nature of these creations. The rounded speaker has been about for a while, especially in satellite computer speakers, but Design e has put its own twist on the idea and created one of the most unique speaker styles around.

I can, however, see one slight potential problem; although they would
look absolutely great when stood on a flat surface, unlike the
rectangular alternatives, wall mounting probably isn’t an option and
speaker stands might make them seem a little ridiculous. If you do have
the right place to put them, the GT3 series speakers could really give
your Hi-Fi a distinctive edge and they are available now from Design e at £745.

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