Mistral accelerates dial-up for free


Ah, dial-up, now that takes me back: the ridiculous whistling noises, careful avoidance of anything flash powered and the misery of trying play games online. Of course not everyone is as hopelessly addicted to the information highway as me, preferring to avoid spending a sizeable proportion of their income on broadband, and those lucky people can reap the benefits of Mistral Internet’s accelerated dial-up connection. All you need to do is change the dial-up number to Mistral’s service (0845 638 9553) and you will then be connected through its accelerated narrowband technology. The company claims that it can offer speeds up to four times faster than the standard 54kbps, achieved by advanced data compression, improved caching and greater efficiency in reading web languages. The best part is that Mistral’s service is completely free and anyone can enter the above number into their connection settings and start using the service. What a generous lot.


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