Hauppauge TV stick


The best gadgets are the ones that squeeze a lot of functions
into a tiny package. Hauppauge has somehow fitted a TV tuner, good for both
analogue and digital signals, into a USB device the size of an ordinary flash
memory stick. Actually that is a bit misleading because you also have to plug
in an aerial but I think Hauppauge are still well in the lead in terms of
making the smallest plug-in TV tuner. Because the HVR-900 is designed to be used with a
laptop or home PC the accompanying software will tune in to up to 40 freeview
channels and record to your hard drive. You’d have to get your hands on one to
see just how good the reception is but it is claimed that using the aerial will
get a clear picture in all but “weak signal areas”. At £75 it’s cheaper than
getting someone a TV enabled mobile handset for Xmas too…

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