Predictive texting for ubersexuals

Mobile phones

You’d think that working your way through the school system, your head would be full of enough words to see you through the rest of your life. Think again – new words keep appearing – and if you’re not aware of a vlog (video blog) or a Puggle (a Pug/Beagle cross breed), you need the latest T9 predictive text dictionary.

Just imagine how much wear and tear you’ll save on your fingers if your mobile recognised words such as ASBO, Europop, smlirt (flirting in the smoking room if you didn’t know), ubersexual or podcast.

T9 is available for the majority of phones offering speedy predictive texting, and with more than 34,000 words now in the English language T9 dictionary, you’ll never be lost for words.

Find out more at visit And if you find predictive text a chore, fine tune your fingers at

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