Aldi's sub £100 80GB recorder

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As cost-conscious mothers never get tired of saying, you can certainly bag a bargain at your local Aldi. But I’ll bet they never mentioned this Technosonic 80GB recorder with Freeview at the absolute giveaway price of £99.99 – probably the cheapest 80GB model currently for sale in the UK.

It doesn’t seem short of extras either. As well as featuring Freeview, it also has a twin tuner, allowing you to record two different shows at the same time and comes with a timeshift function allowing you to play and record simultaneously and pause live TV. Add to that ease of set up and use plus a slimline design – just in case you don’t want the neighbours to know you’ve got an Aldi recorder – and it looks like a real bargain.

Join the queue at your local Aldi on the 15th December to buy one. And if you do pick one up, why not tell us your opinion of it?


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  • I have one of these, and they don’t record 2 channels at the same time! You CAN record 1 and WATCH another. Occaisionally freezes and needs to be switched off then on to reboot, but generally a good product.

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