JVC's digital recorder frenzy

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JVC is set to raise the bar in the DVD recorder market by unveiling a new range of DVD/HD combos. The flagship DR-MH600 offers both a DVD recorder and a 160 GB hard disk and also features the noddy-to-use GuidePlus + electronic programme guide. Should you decide to permanently keep your recording, then a lightning fast 64x dubbing system will transfer it from HD to DVD. It records at speeds of up to 25Mbps in DV mode and frame by frame compression allows for exact editing so you can be sure your recordings are perfect before burning to DVD.

The DR-MH300 offers the same deal but without the new HDMI (High Defintion Multimedia Interface – aka the Digital Scart) system found in the top end model.

If you are less concerned with recording speeds then the DR-MH50 offers a massive 250GB HD, while still benefiting from 10mbps recording option and a 32x HD to DVD transfer.

Lower budget models MH20 and MH30 feature the same speeds but with 80MB and 160MB HD’s respectively.

There’s more combi action to be had from the DR-MV1, a DVD recorder/VHS also sporting a DV input and improved features for DVD navigation.

Straight up DVD recording can be found in the new DR-M80 and DR-M100 that offer 8 hours of recording and in multi-format (DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and DVD-R) although only the latter includes the DV input.

In the low budget end, JVC offer a DVD playback model, the XV-N322, which although set to retail for under £100 still boasts a progressive-scan output.

The recorders will start shipping in May with the last ones hitting the stores in autumn.

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