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Share, Sweden’s massive online poker site is going mobile. From April, the site, which apparently has over 3.5 million users, will be available to Sony Ericsson K700i owners. And what’s more you’ll be able to gamble with real money too, although you’ll still have to the option to practise with play money or against a computer player.

The game offers an experience interactively that has not been available in
any mobile poker games before.  Players can choose between three different
views; Normal View which has graphics similar to those seen on, Symbol View which gives a view over the whole table with
simplified graphics or the Text View which also gives history of how the
hand was played.  Additionally, there is a chat function allowing players to
text one another during the game.

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One thought on “Poker on your mobi

  • Are they going to use the .mobi TLD for this pokerroom or not??

    So can I, in the near future, type in on my PDA and gamble online for real money??

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