Sketch Furniture lets you draw a couch, then nap on it


You take a pen, draw what you want, a chair or couch for example, – in mid-air, no less – and a few hours later, which admittedly is a long time to wait to take a nap, the thing you drew is fully constructed and ready for use. The system is from the Sketch Furniture Project by FRONT, and uses motion capture (same as used in computer animation) to record your movements in order to use them to build the finished piece. That movement record is then fed into the Rapid Prototyping system, which (and this part I’m fuzzy on) uses lasers and plastic to hurry your creation into life. While FRONT is angling this at the furniture market, there are two huge alternatives that come quickly to mind: using it to make art (do a sculpture of someone by drawing an outline of their face on their face, for instance) but in practical terms, it could lead to obsolescence of the £1 shops by allowing us to manufacture all that tiny plastic wiffle at home. (Where are our dratted flying cars, anyhow?) [GT]

Sketch furniture by FRONT [via Technovelgy]

Gabrielle Taylor
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