Kohjinsha launches SA1F00A ultra-compact laptop


Smaller than a Flybook, but with the same type of rotating display is Kohjinsha’s SA1F00A – another contender for world’s smallest laptop.

The SA1F00A, which is launched in Japan next month, features a 7-inch display, 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 processor, up to 1GB of memory, a 40GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and Ethernet. There’s also two USB ports, speakers and an SD card slot, with the system running with Windows XP Home Edition.

And of course, there’s that rotating display – up to 180 degrees – and it can be folded back down to create a tablet device. The battery should give around five hours of use. The price quoted is the equivalent of £489, but as yet, there’s no news of this coming to Europe.

Via The Register

Dave Walker
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