Pioneer launches DVR-940HX-S PVR HDD recorder with massive 500GB drive

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Pioneer has announced the launch of its DVR-940HX-S HDD recorder in Europe. It sports a massive 500GB hard drive which should give plenty of room for TV shows – around 1422 hours in fact though that is on the lowest quality Manual Recording Mode setting. There are seven recording settings to choose from, that will affect both storage on the hard drive and any DVDs recorded, with Super Extended Play mode giving up to 10 hours on a DVD.

It does everything a PVR should do – recording, pausing and playing live TV. It only appears to have one digital tuner, though, so you won’t be able to record more than one show at once. You can, however, watch something already recorded whilst recording another show.

If that weren’t enough, it’s also a 1080p upscaler, meaning you can use its HDMI output to connect up to your high definition telly and watch DVDs and standard TV output in upscaled quality. Of course, it’s not true HD, but it’s a nice feature if your TV doesn’t already do standard definition scaling very well.

The large hard drive can be used just for storing your TV programmes, but it can also be used to store digital photos and any home video you have shot, and because you have the hard drive and DVD recorder, you can copy and edit your footage, and probably intersperse it with broadcast content if you want to, and then burn it to disc. You can also burn audio CDs.

It sounds like a very versatile machine. It’s available now and costs around £1200.

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