Toshiba announces RD-A1 1TB HDD/HD DVD recorder


Toshiba pushes ever further forward with the HD DVD format, next month releasing the world’s first consumer HD DVD player capable of writing to their next-generation recordable media, not to mention to a huge hard disk – the RD-A1 with 1TB drive, capable of holding 130 hours’ HD content.

The RD-A1 features both digital terrestrial and satellite tuners, along with an analogue tuner and as you can see from the picture, a huge array of digital and analogue video and audio inputs and outputs, including HDMI and a network port. There’s also HDCP copy-protection on the HDMI port, along with HD DVD’s AACS anti-piracy technology.

The player supports HD DVD-R as both single- and dual-layer  media, but will only support MPEG 2-encoded content. Toshiba reckons a 15GB HD DVD-R can hold just under two hours of HD content. The machine can read all the DVD recordable and rewriteable formats, along with CD-R/RW, though it will only write to DVD-R/RW/RAM, plus dual-layer versions.

The RD-A1 goes on sale in Japan on 14th July, priced 398,000 Yen, which equates to around £1,880.

Toshiba website

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