Evesham Crusader Carbon3 PC trades horsepower for emissions



Fast, good, cheap, pick two, as the saying goes, and the Evesham Crusader Carbon3 PC goes for the latter two – if you define ‘good’ in terms of virtue. Running at 1.5ghz (a VIA C7-D chip, “the first ever carbon-neutral computer processor”) with 256 megs of RAM, a 15.4″ TFT and 40 gigs of disk, it draws only 20 watts of power (reducing its overall carbon footprint) and is designed to minimize noise pollution. Also, they’ll plant 4 trees with each purchase, to offset the carbon released during manufacture and use. Whether or not tree planting really takes care of the carbon we hope it does, it surely can’t hurt. £300. [GT]

Crusader Carbon3 PC [via thegreenguy]

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Gabrielle Taylor
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