One Minute Video Review: T-Mobile's MDA Vario II the first HSDPA phone to go on sale in the UK

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We have waited a very long time for HSDPA phones, but now they seem to be coming in droves. T-Mobile looks like it will win the race to be first to market with its MDA Vario II, which goes on sale next week.

Here’s a vid and a mini review

The phone is pretty similar to the Vario I but with the following key differences.

1 HSDPA – Yep it will be able to run at speeds of up to 1.8Mbps – four times faster than standard 3G. T-Mobile claims to have HSDPA across most of the major UK cities, which is far more developed than say Orange. Ultimately the speed of HSDPA does improve the web browsing experience on the phone – pictures certainly load much more quickly. The other key use for the phone in this space will be as a modem for laptops, though if you plan to use it in this capacity check out T-Mobile’s data fair usage rules.

2 Better camera – It now has a two mega pixel snapper and the video shooting quality has been updated.

3 Different styling – it looks a little tidier now. Another tweak is that the keyboard apparently glows red in the dark – nice.

4 The device now has a BlackBerry style track wheel for speeding up access to applications.

Overall – the Vario I was a big hit in the Shiny offices, so there’s sure to be a lot of interest in the second version. The HSDPA facility certainly worked well in central London

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  • t-mobile were not the first to release this type of ppc phone as orange uk released the orange spv M3100 a week ago , it is down to a false press release by t mobile , they should check the other networks before making such statments , both orange and vodafone beat t mobile to the post ..

  • Trouble is, it’s not available right now, and T-mobile CS staff seem as much in the dark on availability as anyone else. Phoning them elicits dates ranging from tomorrow (for the last week) right up to November in one case reported! It looks like a great machine, wish we could actually order one.

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