Tunes in 30 seconds: see 3's HSDPA network in action

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3 was showing off its speedy new HSDPA network in London this week, demonstrating how much faster it is than slow old 3G for activities like downloading music tracks and streaming video. Our video below shows two handsets – the one on the left is HSDPA, and the one on the right is 3G.

As you can see (from our, ahem, blurry camphone footage), the HSDPA one downloads the song in around 30 seconds, at which point the 3G phone isn’t even halfway. Later today, we’ll post our interview with 3 in which they explain some of the other benefits of HSDPA, and tell us just how fast it’ll go in the future. In the meantime, click below to watch the vid.

Note, the HSDPA handset starts downloading first, but that’s not an unfair head start – just a reflection of how long it takes the 3G one to begin the download. The button to start was pressed at the same time for each.

Stuart Dredge
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