Zero G Wall Climber – drive up a wall


Here’s a toy that will, quite literally, drive you up the wall – the Zero G Wall Climber.

It’s one of those pointless toys that will impress your mates, give you loads of fun, then be confined to a cupboard as soon as the battery charge runs out, destined to re-appear as soon as the rain comes down and there’s nothing on the TV. It looks like a normal radio-controlled car, but this particular vehicle features an intelligent on-board observation system that continually monitors the angle of the car so that when the Zero G hits a wall, its Air Venturi Suction System comes alive enabling it to climb and be fully controlled while remaining vertical on a wall. The suction system is disabled as soon as its back on the ground.

The Zero G doesn’t mark your walls, thanks to special "non-marking tyres" and features a rechargeable internal battery (though you’ll also need a standard battery for the remote). It’s available now, priced around £80.

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