H-racer – the hydrogen car is here!


After featuring the hydrogen recharger yesterday, we bemoaned the fact that it wasn’t a little smaller and cheaper. Well, here’s something that puts hydrogen recharging to use and ticking both those boxes – the H-racer.

The H-racer is a futuristic toy car, but using the technology that could power a full-size car in the future. It operates on 100% clean fuel produced by a miniature solar-powered hydrogen refuelling station – which converts water to hydrogen using energy captured from the sun.No combustion occurs inside the hydrogen fuel cell. The only exhaust discharge is pure water.

The H-racer is the working miniature version of what is being developed right now by the major motor manufacturers for the future. The palm-size fuel cell car contains an onboard hydrogen storage tank, a fuel cell system connected to the car’s electric motor, and a hydrogen refuelling system linking the car’s storage tank to an external hydrogen refuelling station. Given its small size, the H-racer is also very safe as only tiny quantities of hydrogen are sufficient to
power the car.

You can buy this futuristic toy car now for $40, with the hydrogen station costing an additional $40.

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Dave Walker
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