Power your portable player with hydrogen


British company Voller has launched a hydrogen-based battery charger that can power up your gadgets without harmful by-products.

The Automatic Battery Charger (ABC) uses bottled hydrogen and has 240v AC, 12v DC and USB power outputs to charge just about anything you like, with the only waste product being water. It can run a laptop for roughly 12 hours on one canister of hydrogen, or your iPod for around a week. For safety, the ABC’s status is constantly monitored by a computer, adjusting the flow of air, hydrogen and water to match the power load.

It’s very much an early adopter machine right now, so picking one up (which will be hard enough as it weights 9kg) will set you back around £4,000. It’s a great idea – but maybe when it’s all come down in size and price.

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Dave Walker
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