Review: ZyXEL PL-100 Start Kit

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Sure, Wi-Fi is neat and all, but it does suffer from some iffy reception and the data rate drops off horribly quickly if you stray too far from your wireless access point. That’s why HomePlug technology has been doing so well as an alternative. For those of you who don’t know what this is: HomePlug turns any standard electrical socket into an Ethernet connection so you don’t have to have loads of Cat 5 cable cluttering up the place and tripping up elderly relatives.

ZyXEL is one of an increasing number of companies to offer a HomePlug device to provide wireless networking in your house and GadgetCentre just recently got their mitts on the PL-100 Start Kit. The real beauty of this gizmo is that to set it up does not take rocket science, in fact it is Plug-and-Play in a very literal sense. The Pl-100s look pretty smart too and their compatibility with other HomePlug 1.0 products is a pleasant surprise. Read the full review here.

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