Inforad V3 – pocket speed camera locator


Let me make something clear right at the start – there’s no excuse for driving beyond the speed limit – it could be dangerous both to yourselves and other road users and pedestrians. But if you do find yourself occasionally above the limit and getting caught on speed camera, you may be interested in the Inforad V3 – the world’s smallest speed camera locator.

The picture perhaps doesn’t do it justice – the Inforad V3 is just 67mm wide and 20mm high. It’s powered by your car’s cigarette lighter and uses GPS technology to track your position and exact speed via GPS satellite. It also checks your position against its database of speed camera locations – if you’re approaching one, you can programme the device to give either an audible or coloured LED warning before you enter the "risk area". You can update the V3’s camera database via the net – just plug the device into the USB socket of your PC to download the latest additions.

It’s no replacement for sensible driving, but it could act as a gentle reminder that you should watch your speed. Available now for around £90.

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