Roadstar LCD9283D portable Freeview TV


The switch to digital is looming for some regions – starting from 2008 – so it’s perhaps worth building up your knowledge of digital products on the market, like this Roadstar LCD9283D portable TV – which has a built-in Freeview tuner, along with a back-up analogue one if you’re still struggling with a signal.

With a 9-inch screen, it seems like it’s between two markets – the home portable and the pocket TV (unless you’ve got very big pockets). But it’s probably ideal for the car or UK holidays. A simple set-up give you access to all available Freeview and radio stations in minutes. If you’re in an area where Freeview still hasn’t penetrated, there is an analogue tuner to watch traditional channels – although if you do live in such an area, perhaps you should pick up something cheaper that does a similar job. The LCD9283 also doubles up as a spare PC monitor and comes pre-loaded with a few games.

Obviously a small screen and fairly basic speakers aren’t going to give you the full benefit of the digital experience, but it will give you more choice – and if you need to upgrade the portable TV in your house, at least this one is more future-proof than many on the market.

It’s available now for around £200.

Roadstar website

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