Blu Ray and HDD Copy Protection Cracked, the Old Fashioned Way…


It took about five minutes for the CSS Copy protection system on DVD to be cracked, XBox security took a little longer so no doubt, after pouring millions of dollars and man-hours into their respective projects, Blu Ray and HDD developers had hoped that their anti-copy systems would prove a little more resilient.

Sadly it was not to be and Computertechnik or ‘c’t’, a German technology magazine, has demonstrated an absurdly simple method of copying discs, using Windows built-in screen capture to record each frame as it is displayed. It devised a simple script to automate capture; the only problem is each frame occupies around 2Mb resulting in a 90-minute movie gobbling up some 324Gb of storage, what’s more the audio has to be captured separately and re-synchronised so it’s not going to get industry execs trembling just yet but give it time…

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