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Remember the Aquapac?  It was a waterproof housing designed specifically for iPods – perfect for beach activities as well as those on the water. Its one drawback was a lack of waterproof headphones. Not anymore – with the introduction of the H2O Audio waterproof headphones.

With the H2O Audio waterproof headphones, you can submerse your iPod in up to 10ft (3m) of water. The headphones have a waterproof housing and waterproof speakers that are designed to be completely submerged in water – so you can jump into the pool without fear of your sound going gargled. As for comfort, the headphones have an adjustable behind-the-neck design and feature silicone earplugs. The durable neckwrap keeps headphones in place during active watersports while a coiled cable should eliminate tangles.

The H2O Audio waterproof headphones are available now, priced around £27.

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