The Cork Catcher – put an end to champagne injuries


Although we tend to concentrate on the latest hi-tech gadgets here at Tech Digest, we’re not averse to showing you something low-tech if it’s practical and interesting. And for those of you out there with a champagne lifestyle, the Cork Catcher could be just the thing if you’re worried about low-flying popping corks.

Yes, the Cork Catcher from Screwpull does as it suggests – catches the corks before it catches some unlucky party-goer in the eye. And it’s no laughing matter – the pressure in a bottle of champagne is said to be the equivalent to the tyre pressure of a double-decker bus. To use it, simply place the device onto the bottle, press down firmly, then turn the bottle whilst holding the catcher in place. You still get the "theatre" and "pop" of opening your expensive bottle of bubbly – but without the risk to life and limb.

If you can afford to guzzle down champagne on a regular basis, the price tag of £20 shouldn’t pose a problem for you.

Screwpull website

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One thought on “The Cork Catcher – put an end to champagne injuries

  • I always thought part of the fun of champagne was trying to hit people with the flying cork?

    I’ve obviously been doing it wrong…

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