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Gone are the days of having to haul a bagful of your favourites CDs overseas for some poolside listening, the portable audio players ot today can hold your entire collection and some. But they are still as vulnerable as ever to the elements – especially an accidental dip in the pool. Which is where the Aquapac comes in.

Designed specifically for iPods, it offers click wheel access through the front clear panel and has an opening for the headphone jack. The Aquapac case is 100% waterproof, dustproof and sandproof, so it is perfect for beach activities as well as those on the water.

So it doesn’t drift off to the bottom of the ocean, it also comes complete with a lightweight neoprene belt pouch. Waterproof headphones are not included – the Aquapac is designed to protect your iPod from watery accidents, not diving trips. Buy some cheap disposable ones instead.

You can pick up the Aquapac for around £60.

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