Commodore Mpet II MP3 player

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Remember Commodore? Its the company that introduced computing to the masses (including myself) – and for that reason alone, is a name with a great deal of goodwill and some credibilty in 2006. Unfortunately, it’s not really going to be enhanced with the Mpet II MP3 player.

It doesn’t look like a bad player, it just seems very average. The Mpet II is a pocket-sized MP3 player that supports both MP3 and WMA playbacks, with the added bonus that it’s DRM compatible if you like to download your music. It also operates as a voice recorder and USB storage device and has a decent battery life of around 15 hours from just one AAA battery.

Available in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB sizes, there’s on confirmation of a UK release date or price. We’ll keep you posted.

Commodore website

Via Mobile Whack

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