XP3 Programmable Message Clock


Early starts are never appealing – but a cheery word first thing from this XP3 Programmable Message Clock might just brighten your mood.

It might also freak you out as that message floats in mid-air, thanks to the "persistence of vision" LED technology – which operates via a series a lights in motion. The lights are actually perceived as a solid image by the human brain (rather than the side-to-side movement that’s really happening). Hence, the floating words. The clock has built in daily greetings such as "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" and you can also programme four personal messages with up to 200 characters per message (one to impress or abuse your friends with). Or you can just display the time or date – which is perhaps a slightly more practical use.

Available now, you can pick up the XP3 Programmable Message Clock for around £41.

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Dave Walker
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