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Think you’ve seen this MP3 player before? You’re not wrong – a model very similar was highlighted last month on Tech Digest – the Mcody M20. Amazingly, this is a different player by a different company – the Maxfield Max-Sin MP3 player.

Looks-wise, there’s not a lot of difference, using the same OLED display for track information and a touchpad control to find your way around the functionality. And inside there’s not a lot of difference either – 1GB of storage and compatability with MP3, WMA-DRM, and OGG files, FM radio, voice reocrding, direct recording plus SRS Wow 3D Sound and TruBass for improving your listening. I make that, more or less, a full house.

No specific release date or price as yet – but if you can’t wait, there’s always the Mcody.

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  • Hi I have the Maxfield Max-sin mp3 player but I have lost the usb lead where can I get one and how much.

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