AMP3 Mini battery-sized 2GB MP3 player

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Another miniature MP3 player with a hefty capacity, this time it’s the AMP3 Mini 2GB MP3 player, which is barely bigger than the size of an AAA battery. Which is handy, as that’s how it’s powered.

Its actual size is 8.5cm long and 3.1cm wide, but that doesn’t restrict the basic features too much. As a music player, it works with MP3 and WMA files (no DRM unfortunately), with track details from the ID3 tag on the backlit LCD screen. The 2GB storage should space for up to 800 tracks, which are dragged onto the player via USB. There’s also an FM radio on-board, with 32 presets, but size is an issue here – you’ll only get a full variety of stations if you’re in an area of good signal strength.

The AMP3 Mini also features voice recording (up to 78 hours possible) and can be used as a USB storage device. It’s powered by a single AAA battery, which should give atround 12 hours of continuous playback and comes with earphones.

The AMP3 Mini is available now, priced around £59.

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