Novac's TV Adaptor for Skype – TV through your Skype connection


If the price of a Slingbox or a LocationFree TV unit is a bit rich, Novac’s TV Adaptor for Skype could be just for you – as long as you have Skype and don’t want all the extra functionality of the other gadgets.

Novac’s TV Adaptor for Skype can turn your copy of Skype into a watch-anywhere TV viewer via the internet. The box itself is an analogue TV tuner, so don’t expect a big list of channel. But if you can live with that, the software converts the digitised video into a video-conferencing stream that can be sent via a local copy of Skype to any other machine running the VoIP software. And if you want to switch channels, just send out a Skype instant message.

There are a couple of downsides to all this. Firstly, this is currently a Japan-only system and secondly, the system only works with the Windows XP version of Skype – other versions don’t yet support video-conferencing. However, if it does hit the UK, it should considerably undercut the premium TV streaming products – with the adaptor on sale in Japan right now for the equivalent of £46.

Novac (in Japanese)

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