Sony's LocationFree TV hits the UK


We mentioned in our coverage of this year’s CES that Sony wuld be launching LocationFree TV in the UK. Well, PSP (and notebook) owners rejoice – this month, you’ll be able to stream your home TV or DVD recordings straight to your device, no matter where you are in the world. Not to mention all that World Cup coverage you’ll have at your fingertips!

With LocationFree, you can watch live TV, playback recorded programmes or set up future recordings from a PC, laptop or best of all, a PSP console. LocationFree uses built-in wireless technology in the home, along with your internet connection if you want to enjoy it outside your own four walls.

So how does it work? Well, the LocationFree Base Station has two connections for AV equipment such as a satellite box and DVD/HDD recorder. It drops into your existing home network or it can establish a wireless link to a PSP, notebook or desktop PC, typically over a 100-foot range. Install the software on your notebook or PC and you’ve got your living room set-up available all over the house.

That’s not all – used with a broadband connection, it’s easy to watch TV and control the other hardware on the network securely from anywhere on earth using "NetAV" – and according to Sony, it’s as simple to set up as the connection in the home.   

It’s available later this month, though at time of writing, we’re still waiting for a confirmed price.

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