Sony unveils new Walkman

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As predicted previously on this site, Sony has announced a new, back to basics portable player with a back to basics name – it will simply be called Walkman.

The big selling points are compact design and long battery life. The pocket-sized player can offer up three hours of battery life in just three minutes with its quick charge functionality, along with around 28 hours playback with a full charge of the Lithium-ion batteries.

Available as 512MB, 1GB and 2GB players (the 512MB and 1GB models with optional FM tuner), the Walkman is compatible with MP3, ATRAC and unsecured WMA files, with downloads through the connected USB port (not unlike the shuffle) and music management through Sony’s SonicStage software. There’s also a 5 band graphic equaliser and one line OLED screen.

The Walkman is available from the end of this month in pink, violet, blue, silver, black and lime green. No confirmed price from Sony as yet.

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  • this is great. longer battery life than an ipod thats for sure from what i hear and perhaps more portable? sony sound is always pretty good too. its got my vote.

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