Sony Ericsson's W700i Walkman phone

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My one slight criticism of the Walkman phones so far is that they have been a little on the dowdy side. Sony Ericsson is however trying to put that right with the debut of the latest addition to the music mobile range the W700i. It sports the traditional fairly understated design of previous Walkman handsets yet comes in not unattractive shade of titanium. I suspect SE might be targeting the ladies with this one.

Other than its design it is business as usual with 256MB storage on board which can be supplemented by the addition of a Memory Stick Duo cards – which these days go up to two Gigabytes.
There’s also a two mega pixel camera, FM radio, email and Bluetooth and a good deal more. It’ll launch in Q2 and is apparently available in white in some countries. Personally though I can’t wait for this one.

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One thought on “Sony Ericsson's W700i Walkman phone

  • Really confusing review! Your criticism of previous walkman phones is of being dowdy! Let me see, the W800i is orange and ivory contrasting a modern device with a retro look. And this new one is titanium and silver? more like beige and silver… Titanium does NOT look like that! I suggest you put pictures of the W800i and W700i together, and then decide which one is dowdy!
    Also the W700i comes with a 256mb memory stick, not on board as you imply.
    The W800i is shipped with a 512mb card!
    A wonderful blog i never miss, so i accept your mistake this time. cheers Oz

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