Finger Drums – a fully working drum kit on a mouse mat


I can’t imagine anything better than a full set of drums to bash the living daylights out of. But the size of the house and a need to keep on vague speaking terms with the neighbours rules this out (for now). But these Finger Drums seem like a more than able replacement.

The kit is the size of a mouse mat – in fact you can use it as one if you like – though that might be a little noisy as it’s a touch sensitive pad that replicates the sound of a traditional drum kit. There’s a snare, high hat, three tom toms, a bass drum and two cymbals – just tap them and they’ll blast out through the in-built speaker.

You can even record your best drum breaks and play them back, play along to six pre-programmed demos and adjust the volume and tempo. Your work colleagues will just love you. It’s powered off 4 x AAA batteries and costs around £20.

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Dave Walker
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