CheckMEND – are your gadgets stolen property?


Wary of the gadget you’ve seen for sale? CheckMEND, a new service that checks if goods are stolen or reporting missing, might put your mind at ease.

CheckMEND has data on the 3.8 million items reported stolen in the UK, which is compiled from submissions by the police, insurance companies and the general public – a large number of which are mobile phones. You can check the legitimacy of goods by visiting the CheckMEND website and looking up its unique IMEI number. Or if you’re a seller, you can pick up a CheckMEND certificate to prive your item has been cleared through the system.

Unfortunately the service isn’t free – a search of the database via text message costs £1.50, with an online search costing between £1 and £3. Still – at least you know you’re not handling stolen goods.

CheckMEND website

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Dave Walker
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