Bluetrek's Serenity – wireless security for your gadgets


Worried about losing that prized gadget? Or (like me) always leaving your mobile phone somewhere, then forgetting where? Bluetrek’s Serenity should keep it safe using a wireless tag system – and if someone decides to take it away, you’ll hear and see an alarm.

Serenity sounds fairly easy to use, with a base that can protects up to three tags simultaneously and the tags themselves, which fix easily to the items you want to protect. The system has two functions – if your belongings go outside a set distance, the base will alert you by emitting an audible and visual alarm. Or if you want to locate a missing (or mislaid) gadget, the base allows you to find it via the allocated tag, setting off an alarm to discover its location.

The Serenity pack comprises: a surveillance base, 2 tags, fastening accessories, (double-sided tape, Velcro and key rings) as well as batteries. Battery life is estimated at six months. It will be available from July for around £68.

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