TFIS unveils range of stylish personal security devices


The future in store (TFIS) has unveiled a new range of personal security alarms – the Doberman Security series – that can protect you and your belongings, whilst actually looking quite stylish.

The Power Button, is available in a selection of bright colours, straps on to your arm and features an alarm button on the face. When pressed, it emits a high-pitched, 100db alarm with a flashing light. The Electronic Defence Whistle features a loud electronic whistle function and LED lights that switch on at the touch of a button. It also doubles up as a torch.

The Mini Mobile Alert hooks to your clothing or anything else about your person, emitting a loud alarm if someone tries to snatch it from you. The Safety Signal Alert features an alarm with a red flashing LED to draw attention to you if you’re lost or stranded anywhere. The Bag Protector Alert protects your belongings with a dual alarm device, including a motion sensor to alert you if your bag is moved. And if you’re out camping, the Infrared Perimeter Protector can alert you to the presence of animals or intruders. If security is breeched, a 100db alarm will be heard.

Prices vary from around £9.99 upwards.

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