World Cup searches could infect your PC

World Cup gadgets

If you’re looking for information on the World Cup, it’s perhaps best to stick to sites you know and trust, after research by security firm McAfee found many were infested with spyware and adware.

To gather their statistics McAfee researchers looked at websites hosting screensavers related to the 32 teams competing in the World Cup, then cross-referenced them with McAfee’s SiteAdvisor software tool, which records how safe a website is. Angola was found to be the team with the largest number of risky sites associated with it (24 per cent), followed by Brazil and Portugal.

And the Angolans didn’t fair any better better when it came to sites featuring players in the tournament. Lama of Angola came out worst (45.5 per cent), followed by Christian Lara (Ecuador), Loco (Angola) and Roberto Carlos (Brazil).

So our advice – make sure you visit a site you can trust – like Who Ate All The Bratwurst, which is packed with everything you’ll want to know about the World Cup and all the news and action, as it happens.


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