Hitachi launches the theft-proof projector

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You’ll not lose this one in a hurry. Or rather, that’s what Hitachi hopes with their ED-X10 projector, designed for schools, colleges and universities in a distinctively bright orange colour and with a host of security features onboard.

If the bright colour of the ED-X10 doesn’t put a thief off, a transition detector locks the projector if it’s moved from its normal place. Once the detector is activated, a pin-code is needed for normal operation to resume. This works alongside two other protection systems – one locks the projector on power on until a pin-lock sequence is input from the remote control, the other locks a unique ‘my screen’ startup image that is always displayed when operated. And for brute force security, the ED-X10 also has an integral steel security bar that allows it to be physically tethered to a fixed point.

There are other features that benefit users in schools, including instant power-on/power-off, a ‘my button’ feature on the remote control to pre-programme commonly used commands and there’s a special "whiteboard mode" which limits the peak white light without reducing the projector’s brightness, making it safer to use in the classroom. The ED-X10 also has a ‘blackboard mode’ and a greenboard mode’ providing optimised colour balance for projection onto these backgrounds.

It’s available now for around £700.

Hitachi website

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One thought on “Hitachi launches the theft-proof projector

  • The Hitachi guys have jumped on the orange bandwagon. This Hitachi orange projector is a copy of an idea from a company called Sahara, who launched THEIR orange security projector (The Protector) a while ago.

    Pin coded projectors like Hitachi’s, I am led to believe, can still be quite simply ‘chipped’ to make them work again and therefore the number one request from schools was a removabe panel which can completely disable the machine and some way of telling potential thieves not to bother…both of which the Protector has.

    Sahara it appears actually designed the Protector in consultation with UK Schools, Local Eductaion Authorities, Police, Insurance Companies and Government Bodies to ensure they included the features that were needed to help reduce theft from schools.

    Check out

    There were some projectors stolen from a school ealier this year but because the Protector’s warned thieves that if removed they will cease to work,(and were bright orange I guess) they were left behind.

    Maybe a coincidence but our next purchase of projectors will be Protectors too…and the more word gets round the less people will attempt to steal these machines!

    Tell as many people as you can is my advice.

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