Sony Vaio TX3-Series ultra-portable notebook


Looking for something small and portable, but with much of the functionality of a larger laptop? Well, Sony’s Vaio TX3-Series of ultra-portable notebooks could be worth considering.

Sony describes the TX3 as "of the most technically advanced and adventurously styled notebooks Sony has ever created". Strong words indeed. It’s powered by the latest Core Solo Ultra-Low Voltage (ULV) processor from Intel, whch should give you plenty of running time on the go – up to 7 hours, claims the Japanese giant. And it’s big on security – using a combination of fingerprint recognition and hardwired, chip-level Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security to prevent anyone but the owner ever getting in. TPM also prevents malicious software from harvesting information like passwords and encryption keys by storing sensitive data on the chip itself. In addition, its hard disk is protected by G-Sensor Shock Protection, which automatically parks the drive heads safely if the notebook is dropped.

The casing of the TX3 machines is manufactured from carbon-fibre laminate, which keeps the weight down to a very portable 1.25kg, which the company claims is stronger than magnesium alloy, but weighs less. Specifications for each model in the range vary, but each features a fully integrated DVD±RW optical drive, complete with double layer technology for extra capacity. And there’s an 11.1-inch widescreen display, featuring a true 16:9 aspect ratio derived from a custom screen resolution of 1366 x 768 as opposed to conventional 1280 x 800 WXGA. This means widescreen movies play with the absolute minimum ‘dead’ space around the picture. There’s also X-black LCD enhancement, which boosts brightness and contrast.

The TX3 range is available in standard black or limited-edition slate blue and should be available from mid July. Prices to be confirmed.

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