Tiscali offers 8MB broadband


Tiscali has announced that it’s now offering 8MB broadband – and at the same price as the company’s previous 2MB package.

According to Tiscali, the new speeds will mean you can now download a 90 minute film at near DVD quality in around 90 minutes. Which is good news if Apple does introduce its movie download service later this year (though still not as fast as you’d like). Tiscali Max is offered at £17.99 per month, with the 2MB service now offered at £14.99. Existing 2MB customers will be offered a free upgrade.

However, whether you can actually recevie the top speed is open to question. The majority of UK broadband users still can’t get 8MB, primarily due to the quality of some BT lines or throyugh distance to a local exchange. Tiscali admits that the majority of users can receive up to 4MB, with 42 per cent getting as high as 6MB. It declines to give a percentage for 8MB coverage.

Tiscali website

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  • Tiscali haven’t yet been able to supply 2meg to us tho they’re happy to take the money for it and BT say the line
    can take 4.5meg.
    We get on average less than 512kbps. I wouldn’t recommend tiscali to anyone

  • Yes it’s interesting but perhaps unsurprising that now BT have offered upgrades from 2Mb to 8Mb, so have one of the providers who rely on them.

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