Is Sony joining UMPC movement with the Vaio UX?


Seeing as Microsoft’s ‘Origami’ / UMPC viral campaign worked out so well, Sony has been trying something similar in the past few days by offering cryptic messages in the Vaio section of one of its websites. Now it looks like some possible photos of the mystery device, claimed to be called the Vaio UX, have been leaked along with some specs.

All the leaked specs are on the turn, but far the most interesting part is the side mounted HDMI port. This certainly seems to support the advert on Sony’s page which hints at something to do with Blu-ray but what it will do is anyone’s guess. 

The UX allegedly boasts a full QWERTY sliding keyboard and 7″ touch screen with connectivity options including WAN, 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is also reported to have two cameras (presumably front and rear), a Memory Stick reader and a biometric sensor – because it’s always handy to check if you are still alive when on the move.

Interestingly, although this diminutive computer looks well suited to Microsoft’s UMPC vision, the leak claims that it is not using a Windows XP Tablet edition but XP Pro instead.

We expect to find out more tomorrow (that’s what Sony’s site promises) so we’ll keep you posted as this story progresses.

Read via The Register

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  • The return of the UX nameplate!! I think I’m going to get one of these if it’s anywhere near pocketable, because my clie UX isn’t cuttibg it for me anymore.

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