Philip Stein Teslar – the feel good watch


Remember the days when a watch was just that – a portable device for telling the time. Not so today, they’re everything from wrist computers to GPS units. And this Philip Stein Teslar watch claims to feature "wellbeing technology" to improve your sleep patterns, achieve greater concentration and reduce stress levels.

Loved be celebrities (Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Jack Nicholson to name three), it works through a combination of the Teslar technology combined with the watch’s battery and coil, which generates a zero-point waveform pulsed at 7-9 Hertz, creating what they call the "cocoon of calm". 

This signal strengthens the body’s own electromagnetic field, making it better able to resist the potential negative effects from electronic pollution (created by items such as computers, mobiles, powerlines or microwaves), so it can function more efficiently in stressful situations.

And of course, they’re also rather smart timepieces, cased in a combination of brushed and polished stainless steel, 18 carat gold, with or without gemstones or diamond bezels, but all featuring dual time-zone dials. Which all means this "wellbeing" doesn’t come cheap – retail prices start at £375.

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  • As a physicist and electrical engineer of 30 years, this “technology” is in my humble opinion “pure nonsense”. It always amazes me how those of fame and fortune prove themselves as morons capable of being convinced of any crap.

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