Suunto t6 wristop computer watch


We’ve already featured the Suunto x9i, claimed to be the smallest and lightest wristop computer with GPS. But for the serious sportsman or woman, how about the Suunto t6 wristop computer watch, which tells you, with laboratory accuracy, exactly how hard you should be exercising to yield maximum results without wasting any effort.

Incorporating a watch, chronometer with stopwatch, lap and interval timer; altimeter, thermometer and barometer, as well as heart-rate monitor, the t6 measures the varying times between each heartbeat, rather then taking a session average as do most heart-rate monitors. This translates into an EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) reading – the ultimate measure of training effect.

By demonstrating how hard you have worked, and how much harder you could be working, it can prevent you under or over-training and thus wasting time and energy, or risking injury.

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