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LG has unveiled the RH200MH, a 250GB HDD DVD recorder that the company claims is one of the easiest to use on the market.

Functionality is pretty basic – you can record, edit and store TV content, and with the 250GB drive, there’s enough capacity to store the equivalent of up to 170 movies. And if you do record all those films and want to do more, you can transfer recordings from hard drive to disc with a single press of a button.

The RH200MH also features an intelligent recording system, so you can record one item whilst watching another and a time-shifting feature to pause and rewind live TV. There’s also LG’s "super-multi recorder" system, which basically means it’s compatible with all available DVD recording formats – DVD-RAM, DVD+RW/+R, DVD-RW/-R and DVD+R Double Layer, along with a memory card reader for downloading from a digital camera or MP3 player.

It’s available this month, price still to be confirmed.

LG website

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  • LG claim that the RH200MH is easy to set up is rubbish. After numeris phone calls to LG Ihave managed to set it up. But now can’t play the disc that I have down loaded from the hdd,on my sons dvd, and yes I have FINALIZED the disc.I have tried it on my neighbours dvd same results?
    Please any suggestions?

  • Great another outdated piece of kit – what use is a recorder with an analogue tuner? Stick in two digi tuners and you have the market!!

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