Brits slow to adopt mobile internet

Mobile phones

A survey has shown that just one in ten Brits actually use mobiles to access the internet. More worryingly, especially for those companies hedging their bets on the complete uptake of 3G, only a third of us would even bother to do so if a mobile internet was just like the real thing.

Research by InfoGin has also shown that the few of us that do use it, do so mainly to check sports results and emails. While InfoGin suggests that mobile networks are failing to take full advantage of mobile internet’s advantage, I prefer to think that we Brits are just too cynical about excessive data charges to take up the service as it currently stands. And with Wi-Fi hotspots popping up nearly everywhere there is a strong 3G connection, I wonder if it may end up not being as much of a battle for mobile internet as one against VoIP.

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