TREAD's new range of Apple cases

MP3 players

is a new line of digital accessories cases from the green thinking company that brought you the Solio solar powered iPod charger. They are handcrafted handcrafted from discarded Columbian truck tyres and redesigned into fashionable rubber nano, 3G 40GB iPod and Solio cases. There is also a sleeve available for a Powerbook G4 or MacBook Pro.

Now I’m not sure what exactly makes Columbian tyres so special without resorting to making gags about a so-called marching powder, but the fact that it’s rubber means a few benefits. Firstly, it’s pretty durable – and so it should be after spending most of its life attached to bottom end of a truck. Secondly, the material itself is waterproof and the case is kept that way by using thick nylon stitching and Velcro. Finally, because no two bits of recycled Columbian truck tyre look alike, you rcase will look different to everyone else’s.

The TREAD cases are available now starting at a pretty reasonable £10. Check out the Solio website for more details.

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